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Belly Balance with the dietician Sofia Antonsson in the lead has for ten years driven the development of IBS treatment in Sweden. IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects 15-20 percent of the world's population and it is difficult to get the right help in health care.

The lack of dieticians in healthcare sector, in combination with the fact that the knowledge of IBS within the medical profession is low, means that it can take several years to get help. Through the digital IBS treatment, Belly Balance contributes to quick and proper help, which results in an increased quality of life and fewer symptoms for people with IBS.

"In Thnx we have found the development partner we´ve long been missing. A partner who understands our company and our business in order to contribute in the most value-creating way. Thanks to the security of working with Thnx, we can fully focus our resources in the right places."

Jenny SandsCEOBelly Balance

Belly Balance is a digital IBS treatment and was founded in 2016 by dieticians Sofia Antonsson and Jeanette Steijer. The treatment is based on the scientifically proven method FODMAP and has established effect within 3 weeks. It includes 11 steps and helps 75% to fewer or no symptoms. IBS is a chronic gastrointestinal disease that affects 15-20% of the population, which causes decreased quality of life and great suffering for the affected.

Long-term approach to digital success

Through part ownership and partnerships, a long-term security is created in the development work, where the right competence is used in the right place. As an external development team for Belly Balance, the focus is on stability and sustainability for a scalable digital solution that includes road map, concept, design, backend, front end and web development.

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