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Libery creates a space that combines the physical and digital room with the purpose of strengthening the position of culture and knowledge for the individual as well as the society

"With the help of Thnx, Libery Group managed to get the prestigious assignment of building a common site for the Arctic Imagination project to the nordic libraries and The New York Public Library. It will also be possible to see this project in a book being released in fall 2019."

Carl Oscar TörnrosCEOLibery Group

Libery was founded 2016 and works together with libraries, cultural institutions and private actors on an international level.


We see libraries as a corner-stone for all peoples right to free knowledge, culture and information. Libraries is an important part of the work to create a society and a world where all, no matter age, gender or heritage is given fredom and democratic rights to grow, think, speak and write freely. Today that is more important than ever!

Arctic Imagination - An international library collaboration about the melting ice

It is with a powerful new dynamic that six major libraries in USA, Greenland and Scandinavia have combined in creating the project Arctic Imagination, where light is shed on the rapidly disappearing ice masses – a unique cooperation across the Atlantic in which a number of high profile artistic and creative voices will contribute to an international brainstorming of the area.

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