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Memotus is a digital communication tool for caretakers that manages both counselling and follow up visits digitaly. Memotus has been on the market since november 2018 on both Android and iOS.

"Modern care is both physical and digital and we are now ready to complete the physical care and offer care takers a digital communication tool. We nor want to or should compete with the physical care as some of the digital care services do today" - Simon Dahl from Memotus

"THNX is a safe partner that feels like a part of the team. High quality with a big heart!"

Mikael ÖstbergCEO

Memotus is an app for communication between care givers and patients. It is developed to complement traditional health care with a digital solution both for for counseling on minor issues as well as follow up patient meetings. This solution will help you to help more patients, help better and at the same time do it in a more time efficient way. Moreover, you will be able to help other people than your own patients with digital counseling and rehab exercises. Memotus meets all GDPR requirements and works both for private clinics as well as self employed physiotherapists or doctors.


Use your smartphone to contact experts on sports injuries

Choose expert or first available expert
  • Personal rehab program and counseling
  • BankID identification and medical record of your case
  • No appointment required – record and send your question whenever suitable for you
  • Video center
  • Prehab and rehab exercises recommended by the experts
  • Sports profiles show how to do the exercises
  • Free
  • Descriptions for common sports injuries in the Video center
  • Guide –personal customer support helps you choose expert
  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store
  • Video center with prehab and rehab exercises

    In the video center you’ll find video clips of prehab and rehab exercises recommended by the experts regarding common sports injuries. You also have the option to subscribe in order to access the entire video center.

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