An important step

Digitalization and digital product development can feel difficult and expensive. We want to change that. The service An important step is our way of lowering the thresholds to start or take the next step on the journey towards digital success.

What does an important step mean?

We start from your current situation and your conditions. We identify your business benefits and the future potential we would achieve through our cooperation. We get to know our cooperation, the digital product and your business to identify the main use. The effect and our delivery to you is that you will have taken the first step on your journey towards your digital product and you will have a base which clarifies the path from current situation to finished product. Our delivery is off course independent and you are free to use it as you wish.

When is an important step needed?

When there is insecurity regarding the first step in your digitalization. Maybe you have a good digital product idea or a digital vision. Or there’s already a digital product that doesn't match your vision, sales won't take off or your development have slowed down.

An important step can be:

  • Needs analysis

    When the opportunities are many and you feel an uncertainty about which digital direction is right for you, we can help with an independent analysis of the current situation and identify your potential areas for digital business benefits.

  • Decision basis

    Based on identified needs and potential digital business benefits, we help you with an independent decision basis.

  • Digital roadmap

    The digital landscape is undergoing constant change and a clear digital strategy increases the chances of future business benefits. We can help you create a digital roadmap for your unique business needs.

  • Requirements specification

    If you are looking in to purchasing a digital service or product, we can support you in the preparation of a requirement specification. We act independently and focus on achieving the best business value through quality-assured methods.

  • Requirements Analysis

    We’ll help you validate an existing requirement specification through an independent second opinion. Our goal is that you should feel comfortable before purchasing a digital service or product.

  • Prototype

    Visualizing and confirming a digital idea is often critical in digital product development. We’ll help you to develop prototypes for investor presentations or validation from external and internal focus groups or users.

  • Technical analysis

    If you have a digital product or a system in need of development, we can help you with a technical analysis of the current situation in order to propose the most value-creating ways forward. The analysis is independent, and you are free to use it as its best suits you.

  • Project funding

    With many years of experience, we offer independent assistance with project funding applications for both small and large organizations.

Take your first step towards digital success

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