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The name “herlitt”, alludes to the literature here, where I am. Starting from my own position, I find myself using my mobile phone in the middle of literature. What stories have played out right here, where I am? What events and happenings in writing are I close to? Härlitt makes literature and authorship visible in Västerbotten by linking local authorship to physical places where the user can take part in different routes and literary trails. In Härlitt, literary Västerbotten is shown in a completely new way — through descriptions of literary places, portraits of authorship emerge. In the herlitt, in addition to author presentations and literary places, there are also previously unpublished works, literary traces, placed in special places by authors. A literary trail is locked until I am in the same place it was left at, only when I can read it and often also listen to an author's reading.

“We are very pleased and happy to have THNX with us in managing and developing Härlitt. vi. Say hello to Härlitt er for us, a THNX. We are also grateful that the entire THNX team is genuinely interested in Hällitt and that it should have the conditions to be what we want it to be.”

Pia Brinkfeldt

Västerbotten Regional Library

“The collaboration with THNX worked well right from the start and has continued on that path. They have a solution-oriented approach and are good at guiding both the customer and us as partners with wise advice on how best to proceed with further development of the app.”

Annica Berg

Gullers Grupp

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Härlitt existed before we at THNX started working on the app. The goal when the project started for us was to take Härlitt to the next level together with Gullers Grupp and Regional Library Västerbotten. A completely new design as well as new features was the first step to improve the experience.

A great deal of effort has also been made to meet accessibility requirements, thereby enabling everyone to use it. An investigation has been carried out and investigations have been done to simplify and improve the experience for everyone.

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In a series of workshops with the customer, Gullers Grupp took a look at the existing app and pointed out the direction for further development. Gullers and THNX worked in three stages of development where we improved the different parts of the app together with THNX where we improved the different parts of the app, developed new functionality that primarily focuses on routes that users can follow, and updated the design and logo. After the relaunch, Gullers and THNX have continued to work on the management and further development of the app.

Through the app herlitt you can get to places with significance for authorship and literature. Authors leave traces for you in the landscape that you unlock by visiting the places they were left in.

The solution contains sound and image in which there are nice descriptions of literary places. As a user of the app, you can easily take a look at literary places and tracks in Västerbotten. There is information about authors and works linked to a location in the app. Experience the literary Västerbotten and favorite places of interest and authorship.

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Härlitt puts the literature of Västerbotten on the map. With the help of this link, the user can discover the literature of the region where it took place. The user can choose to start ready-made routes where stories can be read out while the user takes a walk from point A to point B, and in a simple way get more information about the different locations found in the hilt.


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