Sustainable development

In order to maintain a long-term value-creating digital service or product, it is important to feel confident that your development partner is available with experience, expertise and network throughout the product or service life time. Therefore, we offer the service Sustainable development.

What does Sustainable development mean?

In Sustainable development, your digital investment is secured by the appointment of an experienced product owner or CTO together with a broad competence team and a extensive network. Through our work knowledge sharing, quality, continuous improvement and automated processes, we ensure continuity in your development. We always work in a quality-oriented manner in proven processes with early risk elimination and continuous focus on business value, technical strategy and value-creating product development.

The effect of our work and delivery is a long-term digital security where you free internal resources, maintain long-term quality and optimize the business value of your investment.

When is Sustainable development needed?

When you invest in a new digital service or product and want to secure your investment in the long term, to ensure the greatest possible business value. Or when you are planning a new investment in an existing service or product and want to avoid unexpected costs along the way.

Sustainable development can be:

  • Management

    With broad experience we manage your digital service or product. With a focus on long-term quality, we secure the effect of your investment and eliminate the risk of unnecessary costs.

  • Continued development

    In development of an existing digital service or product, we can, based on the unique conditions, ensure an efficient development pace and future-secured business value.

  • Tailored development team

    If you manage your digital services and products yourself but have limitations in the development, we can tailor a scalable development team based on your unique conditions and needs.

  • External CTO

    By appointing an external CTO with solid experience, you can ensure your digital presence with experience and competence, as well as free time from involuntary IT managers.

  • External product owner

    We ensure that requirements and long-term development of your digital products are carried out with proven methods and focus on your unique business value.

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