We want to change. Together with others.

We want to be the engine who makes it possible to realize ideas. We want to develop our own and other industries through our way of thinking and acting. We want to be the uniting force who makes regions blossom through cooperations. We want to help people write the next chapter in their story. We want to move and renew. We want to change.

We have the commitment, experience and knowledge to do so.


The cooperation with Thnx worked very well from the start. A combination of competence at Thnx and a great ability to make us feel prioritized and important made me very satisfied with my choice of supplier.

Jonas AngelCTOThorengruppen

High quality and professional. It's clear that there is a will to ensure they are doing a good job.

Magnus SörlinCEOWebcap Sverige AB

It's safe to be able to turn to a local company who very fast and efficient understands our way of working and our industry. With their great competence they make us twist and turn on various questions which makes us reflect on the way we do things and if it's effective. Thnx works proactive which strengthens the possibilities to complete projects on time. We are happy with the delivery of developed product from Thnx and the feedback they give us.

Torvald ÖstenssonCEOUmpac

Thnx is so much more than a boring IT consulting company. You are the future and guarantor for your customers and employee’s success!

Simon NordbergCEOChildrenshouse.se

With the help of Thnx, Libery Group managed to get the prestigious assignment of building a common site for the Arctic Imagination project to Nordens Bibliotek and The New York Public Library. It will also be possible to see this project in a book being released in fall 2019.

Carl Oscar TörnrosCEOLibery Group

Thnx is a reliable partner who feels like one in the team. High quality and big heart!

Mikael ÖstbergCEOMemotus
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