Making Progress

Efficient development benefits from experience and through the service Making progress, we take the right steps forward with your digital services and products. Through knowledge sharing and projects rooted in business value and main benefits, we take the right direction together.

What does Making progress mean?

In digital projects that lack the necessary experience, development pace can slow down due to the product's organic growth, lack of improvements, unclear requirements, old architectural choices or old technology. This leads to heavy management and complicated, time-consuming bugs. Resources may be added for reworking and improving existing functions instead of necessary new development.

In the Making progress service, we reach a favorable development in your digital project by adding key competence, experience and best practice methods. We focus on knowledge sharing for long-term value and efficiency.

The effect of our delivery is that you can start utilizing the most value-creating functions in your digital product as well as increased digital maturity and efficiency within your team.

When is a progress needed?

When there is lack of necessary experience and knowledge about best practices to keep desired development pace. Or you need to spend time on skills development of your team instead of your digital services and products. When development projects need to be redone and bugs occur frequently

Making progress can be:

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Through including project work we reach a cost-effective launchable digital product containing the most value-creating functions for validation in your target group.

  • A defined project

    Through including project work, we achieve a final delivery in a defined digital project. We focus on achieving the largest possible business benefit as cost-effective as possible

  • Decision making support

    With experience and cutting-edge expertise, we help you navigate in digital development and propose ways forward based on best practices.

  • Competence development

    Based on your circumstances and unique situation, we work to strengthen your team where the need is greatest. It can be anything from starting to work with a new technology or method to finding the right way forward.

  • Agile coaching

    Through senior excellence, we coach your team or your product owners to increase efficiency through agile working methods.

  • Client's coaching

    As a client of digital services and products, there is often a skill gap. We are happy to share our experiences and guide you through an ordering process to achieve digital success as efficiently as possible.

  • Technical coach

    As an independent part, we guide your organization in the digital landscape to maximize business benefits based on your needs.

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